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... and hello! I'm Levente, a PhD Candidate in the Geomatics Program at the University of Florida. I built this website to gather some awesome people who'd help me out in completing the last piece of my PhD research.

My research aims to understand how people use different social media and online services and how this is reflected in the spatial footprints of users. To get to this point, I need data, reliable data... and lots of it. This is how you can help! I'd like to ask you to share your online profiles with me so I could conduct my research on a large database that allows to come up with meaningful conclusions. On this website, you can authenticate with different social media providers and authorize my research tools to collect some information. I am interested in looking at how different online activities are across services, so the more of your profiles you share, the further my research goes.

Excited about helping out? Go on and share your online profiles with me!

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Need some more information? I totally understand. You can read more about this research and learn how my tool works.

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